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2 comments on "Hydrogen calculator for biogas plants (interactive)"

  1. Thank you for the nice tool! The hydrogen calculator gives a good estimate of the potential of biogas plants to meet the national hydrogen demand, which presumably comes from the industrial sector. In the best case scenario C, 94% of Germany's hydrogen demand can be covered. Against the background of the National Hydrogen Strategy, demand will increase due to the planned sector coupling, including in the heating and transport sectors. Which sector will pay how much for hydrogen in the future, is the crucial question? Hence the question about the price of renewable hydrogen from biogas plants as opposed to hydrogen from electrolysis? The transport sector could suffer if the price of mobility does not rise. Possibly. it would therefore make more sense to stick with biomethane, because the handling is also more pleasant. The only thing is that the carbon would still be there ...

  2. I absolutely agree that the price and the sales markets will be two key questions for the success of hydrogen in Germany. As a third point, I would add the progress made in energy efficiency, since the production of hydrogen is currently far from being able to keep up with fossil natural gas or biogas. However, this is also a main argument in favor of the hydrogen economy, that surplus (!) Electricity can be meaningfully temporarily stored thanks to sector coupling, whereby the topic of energy efficiency takes a back seat. Inefficient use of surplus electricity is still better than not using electricity or locking down facilities.

    With the focus on biogenic hydrogen from traditional biogas plants, I see a parallel development with biomethane. And why not? Various plant concepts will be tried out, some with a focus on the production of classic biomethane (which has been further developed and technologically already integrated), others with a focus on innovative hydrogen and others with a mix. Particularly for biogas plants that are no longer subject to the EEG year after year, a high demand for hydrogen can develop into an interesting business case. Not within the next three years. With the start of the market ramp-up of hydrogen, corresponding H2 funding programs or continuously rising CO2 prices, however, within the next 5 to 10 years. In any case, biogas (biomethane) will remain the most important product of biogas plants for many years. It would be a shame if the bioenergy industry did Hydrogen hype missed and not using it for your own further development.

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