Definition Was ist ein Blog und was bringt erWhat is a blog?

Some new readers are not so familiar with the term “blog” and its meaning in today's media landscape has not yet been finally defined. I think that's great because it creates space for creativity and individuality.

Actually there are no fixed rules for a blog, but rather a handful of features that many blogs share. Read also the Articles about & #8222; Blogs & #8220; in the German Wikipedia.

A quality that in my experience most blogs offer is a fixed thematic focus or a certain perspective on our complex reality. A blog is always particularly interesting for me when its thematic focus is clearly limited and the personal voice can be recognized. What most bloggers share is a passion for writing and expressing in pictures. I think it is this passion that & #8222; Blogger & #8220; all over the world. Participating and helping to shape the blogosphere can be a full-time job, which does not harm a good dose of idealism.

In a sense, each blog is also a unique science studio in the SEO-Arena of search engine optimization, looking for the most useful, but also traffic-promoting mediation between man-machine-man.

An important asset of a blog is its independence and credibility. Here a blog does not differ from many classic formats of journalism. This is why bloggers often find it so difficult to place advertisements or write & #8222; Sponsored Posts & #8220 ;. Most people know that in some moments it can be difficult to remain authentic. Certainly a constant challenge for a blogger.

The most valuable asset of a blog is definitely the readership or the community that visits the blog regularly. Therefore, many thanks to all readers of the bioenergy blog and the entire bioenergy community.

What is a blog not in my eyes?

For me, a blog is a medium which, according to its word origin, is a publicly kept diary. But that doesn't mean that a blog must contain numerous private anecdotes. In any case, I am not visiting a blog that is exclusively dedicated to the blogger's previous vacation or last visit to the cinema. Such topics can be good sources of inspiration, but with a few exceptions (film blogs etc.), they are not the central topic of a long-term blog. In any case, the bioenergy blog will try to win you over with other topics as readers.

Why should I read the bioenergy blog?

  1. Like the name biomassmuse Already says, hopefully you will find interesting suggestions for the development of bioenergy in the blog articles
  2. The blog offers a perspective on bioenergy that is not exclusively from Rainforest deforestation, Tank or plate, ILUC & Co. is dominated. Instead, BiomassMuse tries to increase the potential of this promising energy source in the most constructive way possible.
  3. I hope to be able to present useful developments to operators of bioenergetic plants, Operation of your biogas plant support.
  4. I spend most of my time collecting and processing useful information on biogas, biofuels and woody biomass. Political moods, legal changes, market opportunities and technological innovations are included in the articles. Not every article may be interesting for you, but at best the topic selection and perspective of the bioenergy blog are an enrichment for your regular research.
  5. The blog will also surprise you with new business ideas, finding partners and approaches to problem solving.

In short, a blog wants to provide you with as interesting, current and helpful information on a topic as possible. At least that's the goal of this bioenergy blog.

Advertising on a blog. Does it have to be that way?

Blogging is fun and helping to shape an industry can be just as fulfilling as the feeling / knowledge that you are helping other people. But at a certain point, bloggers can not only blog for fun. The operator of a biogas plant cannot be covered by his fascination for the exciting world of biogas production and he has to sell the bioenergy he produces and cannot give it away.

Despite all idealism, as a blogger you have to pay for your bread and butter. Blog hosting, subscriptions to specialist magazines, plugins, further training or high-quality photos ensure constant fixed costs. Unfortunately, completely free information trading in the field of bioenergy does not cover the basic costs of being a blogger.

That is why you will also find some advertising banners on this blog. Ads enable me to write this blog and I hope you see the discreet advertising banners as a tribute to this otherwise free service for the reader. I strive to keep the ads as relevant and unobtrusive as possible. In any case, you will not be surprised by skyscraper banners or pop-ups on the bioenergy blog.

In the best case, the advertisements even offer you useful inspiration for your own professional life and give you information about the current bioenergy market. Or you can use them Possibility to display the bioenergy blog even for your own marketing strategy in the field of bioenergy. We all know that advertising can be well done and sometimes even very entertaining.

example 1

Mit Biomasse überladener LKW

Ads can be useful AND fun :-)


 Example 2 ;-)

Now have fun reading and commenting on the articles!