Giant biogas plant in Guben

Depending on how you imagine a “giant” compared to the normal, a lot of work was done in project planning in Guben.

There are impressive large-scale plants (e.g. Penkun, Güstrow) that have a total output of 20 MW. However, this is the sum of 40 individual modules of 500 kW each at the same location. This should not reduce these systems, but it is necessary to mention this if I want to confirm "the giant" of the headline. The plant decided in Guben (start of construction in spring 2010) has "only" a total output of 3,5 MW, but the process engineering provides that this performance is achieved by only 2 fermenter modules, each of which produces biogas for 1,75 MW. For the current status of biogas plant technology, this is from BKN biostrom AG the planned system is therefore remarkable.

It is somewhat reminiscent of the classic fossil fuel-based power plants, which are sometimes composed of several blocks. Of course, these fossil power plants (e.g. in the coal sector) are much more powerful systems and weigh in at 6 MW in the 500 × 3000 MW blocks in Jänschwalde, for example. But it is not at all about competition between these performance ranges, because the advantage of biogas plants in their decentralized application lies.

Operation of the plant

The plant in Guben should only be filled with renewable raw materials. Which NawaRo's I could not find out exactly how to use the press release. Hopefully, when filling exclusively with renewable raw materials (without the use of liquid manure), the "tank / energy or plate" discussion was carefully considered and raw materials were planned that have little food competition. The biogas is then not turned into electricity on the spot, but on Natural gas quality process and feed into the existing natural gas network. The processed biogas is forwarded in this network and distributed to 4 new combined heat and power plants (CHP) in the Guben area. As CHP with combined heat and power (CHP) work, the heat generated is used to supply 4000 households and can thus supply a fifth of Guben citizens.

Plant splitting

I would like to address one more point, where I unfortunately do not know exactly how it is currently handled legally. Since the problems surrounding the plant splitting of the plant in Penkun, the situation has been somewhat foggy for me. What does she write Amendment of the EEG now exactly before? Is the plant in Guben to be understood as “one plant” and is the remuneration less per kWh, or do the 4 CHP units that are further apart count as 4 separate plants? That would not be negligible for the business management of the plant. If any of you know more, I would be grateful for this information.

Overall, I am very pleased with this newly planned plant (with natural gas processing technology) and I wish the operators a speedy construction and profitable, low-interference operation.


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  1. Thank you Uncle Sam for the link to the clearing house's comments on specific conflicts regarding asset splitting! A complex problem, the clarification of which probably lies behind the successful or unsuccessful profitability of many large projects.

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