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- The beginnings -
The archaea and cyanobacteria mark the beginning. They are the tough pioneers of life and give the planet its blue color. With the first action of bioenergy about three billion years ago, the earth has changed constantly. In the flow of constant climate change, bioenergy has adapted and shaped the look of its home. Our species has reached the global connection of the biosphere in real time - with all the consequences. The focus of this story is on the elegant use of biomass in harmony with our home organism Gaia.
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- The boom time -
The story begins in the late nineties. BiomassMuse is surfing on a big wave of the energy transition and under the fertile framework numerous chapters on gaseous, liquid and solid bioenergy are growing up. Insights into the cultivation of promising energy crops, as well as processes and technologies for the production of biogas, biofuels and wood pellets. This is followed by chapters on the legal texts of the energy transition, especially the EEG, EEWärmeG, RED I and KWKG. During this boom time for the renewables family, there is rapid growth in the electricity sector.
The development from the beginning
- The Purification -
Just as the sun follows the moon or summer follows autumn, the EE family is also affected by a rapid change in the weather and social climate change. In particular, the biofuels are in a purification phase in the tens of years and get the buck in Germany for everything dark about industrialization and globalization (tank vs plate, deforestation, ILUC etc.). The result: Since 2008 we have not been able to increase the energy turnaround in the transport sector and we still rely on that to 95 percent Black gold (imported petroleum).
Insight into the sustainability debate
- The future -
Just as autumn follows winter, spring follows winter, and an ice age is followed by a warm period. And so since the rebellion the millennials and zoomers (FFF, ER), as well as the proclamation of the Green deals for Europe, the use of biomass is again a tailwind. With the wings of the bioeconomy (circular bioeconomy) the material and energetic use of biomass is experiencing another spring and at the beginning of the twenties everything calls for renewal and Next Generation.
Bioenergy of tomorrow

- Current chapters -

Study CO2 price CO2 tax industry
Chapter 452

CO2 price for industry supports bioeconomy

BiomassMuse was involved in a study on the effects of a CO2 tax on the energy-intensive industry in Germany. Since the CO2 price plays an important role in successfully completing the energy and raw materials transition, the topic is presented in this article.

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Iceberg as an information island
Chapter 450

The curse of the euphorically started bioenergy debate

We experience political debates for the most part via the news that the colorful media jungle offers us. Market and industry developments, as well as scientific discoveries on bioenergy are served to us by the varied media landscape in a way that is appropriate for the reception. After all, there is a lot to report and the world is developing 24/7 at such a rapid pace,

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Research and science on bio-based circular economy
Chapter 448

Bioeconomy: in the eye of science and research

Does the bioeconomy need science? Very critically and almost cynically, scientists are the part of our fellow citizens who play thought chess in an elite ivory tower far from reality, provide us with fear of the future and with their institutes and experiments around 4.5 billion euros (2011) in tax money annually (1.3) XNUMX% of

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Ideas between bioenergy and biomass

Building a bioeconomy is one of the challenges that unites today's generations. In the zeitgeist of the energy and raw material turnaround, the switch from fossil fuels (coal, crude oil, natural gas) to renewable biomass is one of the steps towards starting a sustainable circular economy. Help us :)

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