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Very clearly structured and extremely informative. If you are interested in bioenergy, you cannot avoid BiomassMuse.
Dr. Stefan Preiss, EUWID New Energy
BiomassMuse manages hotly discussed topics such as plates vs. Refueling or conflict to prepare E10 so that even normal people understand it.
Cornelia Daniel, Roof gold
BiomassMuse is both a mouthpiece and a lawyer for bioenergy on the Internet. I don't know anyone who is more committed to bioenergy on the net than Ron Kirchner.
Andreas cooling, energynet
BiomassMuse is recognized for its online reporting on the energy transition.
Association for Sustainable Energy Economics
Information, opinion and open discussions. With BiomassMuse, Ron Kirchner offers THE central and cross-technology platform for bioenergy on the web.
Timo Enderle, AlgaeObserver
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