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Mini biogas plants according to the EEG

Mini biogas plants are an ideal way to further strengthen decentralized bioenergy and to increase the energy self-sufficiency of communities. In addition, the smallest systems up to 75 kW are an opportunity for farmers to make greater use of their residues (numbers 9 and 11 to 15 of Annex 3 in the Biomass Ordinance) and to build a second mainstay with the help of bioenergy.

With the amendments to the EEG 2012, a historic maximum rate for the remuneration of bioenergy in Germany was reached. The euphoria for mini-biogas plants is particularly great among farmers with a high level of slurry and the plant manufacturers and planners of biogas projects are constantly developing concepts to guarantee the economic viability of the smallest type of biogas plant funded to date.

The experiences of the manufacturers and project planners of mini biogas plants will increase rapidly in the coming months and years and hopefully bring up numerous interesting examples of successful plants.

Article collection on mini biogas plants

Below is an overview of articles that offer an introduction to mini-biogas plants according to EEG 2012.

Advice on mini biogas plants

Even before the EEG amendment came into force in 2012, I started to deal with the various concepts for mini-biogas plants and I am in regular and critical exchange with plant operators, plant manufacturers and associations. My specialization is the planning, construction and operation of mini biogas plants between 30 and 150 kW.

I would be happy to support you in the successful implementation of your mini biogas plant and look forward to your call or email!

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Here you will find further articles and information on the subject Biogas in Germany and Europe.

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