Membrane technology from MT-BioMethan successfully feeds in biomethane

The following text is an industry announcement from MT-Energie, which was only published a few days ago Image guide in the field of biogas was chosen.

MT-Biomethan GmbH has put the first gas processing plant with MT membrane technology into operation. This completes the expansion of the biomethane plant at the company's site in Zeven by an additional 250 standard cubic meters per hour. In addition to the existing gas processing plant, which works according to the heat-controlled process of pressureless amine scrubbing, the Zeven II project now also feeds ultra-pure with MT membrane technology biomethane into the gas network of the Zeven public utility company at full load. "The methane purity in biomethane of 98 percent by volume as well as all other expected process parameters were fully confirmed - that is a very good result," emphasizes MT BioMethane managing director Dr. Karsten wishes.

A three-stage connection of innovative gas separation membranes is used. The carbon dioxide in the raw biogas, which makes no contribution to the calorific value, is separated from the methane in the membranes. In addition to the construction of the plant, the two-year test phase to record the operating results is funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMELV) through its project management agency, the specialized agency Renewable Resources.

The first commissioning was preceded by a comprehensive TÜV inspection. According to the system planning and simulation, expected quick start-up processes, which enable a particularly flexible driving style during operation, are demonstrated. Another advantage of MT membrane technology compared to other current-carrying processes is the minimized methane loss (slip) of only 0,5 percent. In addition, the system can be easily expanded if necessary.

Thanks to the MT-typical container construction, the systems can be almost completely assembled at the company headquarters. This enables comprehensive quality checks on the entire system before delivery.

As part of quality assurance, the planning, construction, construction and commissioning were comprehensively supported by the German Association for Gas and Water Management (DVGW).

With the inclusion of a current-controlled treatment process in addition to the heat-guided, pressure-free amine wash, MT-Biomethan GmbH is able to offer the optimal technology for a wide range of project and market-specific framework conditions. Especially for the numerous inquiries from the French and French markets Great Britain membrane technology is a highly efficient, profitable solution.

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