Würfel für Medienpartnerschaft im Bereich Bioenergie

You are weak alone, together you are strong. This applies particularly to the presence on the net.

In order to further increase awareness in the bioenergy sector, BiomassMuse is always looking for media partners in the fields of bioenergy, energy management and agriculture. If you are interested in building a media partnership, you may find one of the following ideas interesting for a cooperation.

Types of media partnerships

BiomassMuse also publishes press releases from companies, associations or institutes that are directly related to the development of gaseous, liquid and solid bioenergy. At this point, I would like to thank you very much for the numerous submissions that are recording the development of bioenergy! If you would like to publish a press release (ideally with a photo or graphic) on BiomassMuse, I look forward to hearing from you.
Are you planning an event (congress, conference, forum etc.) on a bioenergy topic and would you like to announce the event on BiomassMuse? With pleasure. In most cases there is an exchange of banners and links, as well as agreements on social media activities. The event will then be advertised in the BiomassMuse sidebar, in the calendar of events registered and recommended in the monthly newsletter. In a further cooperation, BiomassMuse accompanies you with a series of articles about the event.
If you are convinced that there is too little talk about an important bioenergy topic, then an interview (written, audio, video) can be organized on this topic, which can then be published on your company's website and on BiomassMuse.
In the sidebar  (90 percent of all BiomassMuse pages have these), you can publish industry-relevant ads and link them to a desired website. The prices per ad (max. 260 x 550 pixels) are 300 euros per month and ad.
BiomassMuse is represented in the most important social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google-Plus) and is always looking for active partners who want to strengthen the voice of bioenergy on the Internet.
The internet is constantly evolving and there are hardly any limits to the creativity for media partnerships. If you have other ideas to increase the mutual online presence, I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact for a media partnership

Phone: 030 – 831 90 795


General questions?

If you have general questions regarding the establishment of a media partnership, please use the comment function following this text. Thank you very much.