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The blog on bioenergy is partly financed through the support of sponsors. If you would like to strengthen the blog and the media presence of bioenergy, then below you will find some information about the readership of the blog and suggestions for supporting BiomassMuse.

Readership of the bioenergy blog

  • Number of visitors: 12,000 - 15,000 a month
  • Page views per visitor: 2.2
  • Total page views: 20,000 - 25,000 a month
  • Alexa Rank: 190,000 worldwide, 8,000 Germany
  • Google Pagerank: 5/10
  • NewsletterSubscribers: 600+
Besucherzahlen des Bioenergie Blogs

Development of visitor numbers in 2009 & #8211; 2012

As of February 2012 (Source & #8211; Google Analytics)

Support BiomassMuse ?!

As an editor at BiomassMuse, I am pleased to have sponsors and partners who support the bioenergy blog and want to strengthen the presence of bioenergy in the online world. In addition to being able to appear as a sponsor (see below) of the website, I am of course also happy about other types of support. Some suggestions:

  • Set a link from your company's website, bioenergy project or your bioenergy region to BiomassMuse.
  • Invitation to visit a plant, a bioenergy company or an event (conferences, seminars, research project, etc.) as inspiration for an article.
  • Delivery of books or literature on bioenergy or the energy industry
  • Financing a trade magazine subscription or membership in one of the numerous Biomass Associations.
  • Donate technical equipment (printer cartridges, a used video camera, microphone, tablet computer etc.)
  • Credits for licensed photos from online photo databases (examples Fotolia, iStockphoto) for the articles on BiomassMuse
  • Great support is also writing one guest Article for BiomassMuse
  • etc.

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Many thanks to all previous sponsors!

A big thank you to all sponsors who have supported the bioenergy blog so far and have thus improved the quality of the website!