European biomass industry meets in Copenhagen in June

Bioenergy is only one of 3 large areas of modern biomass use. The other two are the material use of biomass and the use of plants to feed humans and animals. There are overlaps and synergies between all three types of use, but there are also competitions based primarily on the natural limitation of arable land. So that the biomass industry can still act jointly on the energy and raw materials transition, it is important that the representatives of the sub-sectors coordinate and discuss both problems and potential. The next way to do this is the upcoming one 21st European Biomass Conference (EU BC&E), which will take place in Copenhagen this year.


"Setting a course for a bio-based economy"

On my first visit to the EU BC&E in Berlin I have seen how broad the content of the biomass industry is. I also learned that the energetic and material use of biomass does not necessarily have to be in the way, but is increasingly closely intertwined. Nevertheless, bioenergy has been used since the formulation of theCascade use often viewed more as a downstream form of use for biomass, which is at the end of the life cycle of biomass use. In line with this trend, the EU BC&E, which takes place from 2 to 7 June, is entitled "Set the course for a bio-based economy".

The Program of the biomass conference shows the increasing importance of the bioeconomy concept. As usual, the conference blocks, which take place parallel to the biomass fair, are very innovative and deal with many concepts that are still at an early stage of development. Here is a small selection of topics:

  • Alternative energy crops
  • Next generation biofuels
  • Further development of innovative treatment methods (pyrolysis, HTC, Syngas)
  • Fields of application for lignin and lignocellulose
  • Concepts for biorefineries

Time and desire to meet up?

If any of the biomass colleagues and readers of BiomassMuse will also be at this year's EU BC&E, I look forward to getting to know you personally. A short agreement via Twitter, G + or Mail is enough to meet at one of the largest biomass events worldwide.

You can also read about the event live on Twitter (#EUBCE) and then here on the blog.

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