Industry competence field mineral oil / biofuels Brandenburg

Economic development in Brandenburg was modernized and divided into 16 sectors of competence. Each individual is economically promoted with a strategy that is specifically tailored to the industry. This is intended to pool forces and support sustainable development. The key area of ​​competence for this block is the "Mineral oil / biofuels" section, which is mainly used by the ETI Brandenburg ( is supervised and organized. The two main areas of expertise in the mineral oil industry and biofuels first sound like competing rather than partner industries. Within this branch of competence (BKF), however, it is mainly about the production process and the refinement of raw materials and oils, which are at least similar in both branches and have therefore been combined. Another BKF is energy management / technology, which follows production and is subject to a separate strategy.

A large PCK refinery (Schwedt), 7 plants for the production of biodiesel, 55 plants for biogas, 17 large biomass cogeneration plants (> 150 MW) and a few bioethanol plants are listed in the BKF mineral oil / biofuels in Brandenburg. In addition, some large engineering offices and project developers belong to the area of ​​expertise.

Brandenburg is seen by the BKF as the leading federal state in the production of bioethanol, and at least one of the leading ones in biodiesel. The strongest competitors for the production of these fuels are therefore located outside of Europe (Brazil) due to low production costs. All in all, the politically initiated retreat from 1st generation biofuels is leading to a rather questionable future for bioethanol and biodiesel in Brandenburg and Germany.

Brandenburg therefore offers second-generation biofuels, for which the production processes are not yet marketable. In addition, the processing of biogas to natural gas quality is a worthwhile technology for Brandenburg. The low population density in the federal state makes the feed of processed biogas into the natural gas network an attractive alternative with a tendency towards low self-consumption. Biomass CHP plants are one of Brandenburg's strengths and the state ranks second nationwide in terms of installed capacity. The research centers in the field of biomass / biofuels research are also well represented in Brandenburg with the ATB, Zalf and the faculties of the local universities and technical colleges.

The BKFs were launched under the strategic approach "Strengthen the strengths - more economic growth for more employment", with which they aim to achieve economically and socially sustainable development.

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