Operation of a plant

List of articles that report on procedural, legal, economic and political developments that influence the operation of biogas plants and other bioenergetic plants (ethanol plants, combined heat and power plants, pellet heating, heating stoves, fireplaces) and material production plants. This category also includes subjective forecasts (opinions) about changes in the market in this area. So a mix of solid facts and personal comments from industry experts and those interested. Get involved and comment too!

Pellet heating with fuels that are regenerative

Many thanks to Vanessa Jäger for this article about the different types of pellet heating. Residential buildings need heaters to supply them with heat. In the past, these were single ovens, but today they are usually central heating systems. Here the engineers and technicians created the operation of the most modern systems, which thanks to sophisticated control technology are very efficient and require little maintenance. As fuels for individual furnaces ...

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Wood chips for heating

Climate-friendly heating with biomass

Thank you for the article on regenerative heat through bioenergy by Thomas Handrich from Alternative Haustechnik. As energy demand continues to rise, fossil energy sources such as coal, natural gas and oil are becoming scarcer. In addition, fossil fuels are considered to be one of the causes of global warming. In order to be able to guarantee an affordable energy supply in the future, we must use fossil energy ...

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