Biomethane, hopeful

Biomethane is the great hope within gaseous bioenergy. This potential is especially true for countries like Germany, which have a highly developed natural gas network.

The articles presented on this page show why biomethane puts so many bioenergy players in high spirits. An overview of the properties that make energy sources, which are also known as bio natural gas, so popular, can be found here:

  • Renewable and storable energy source
  • Climate-friendly with high CO2 reduction rates
  • Can be used flexibly to generate electricity, heat or a biofuel

What is biomethane?

Operation of a biomethane plant

Feeding and processing of biomethane

Federal government feed-in targets

Biomethane in Germany and Europe

Bio natural gas will find its way within the renewable energy transition and will be available as an ecological and reliable energy source.

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