Biofuel off-road vehicleBiofuels, bio-fuel or agro-fuel. There are numerous descriptions for Biodiesel, bioethanol & Co. Often the term used already gives a deep insight into the attitude and opinion that someone has towards biofuels. Personally, I speak of "biofuels" and outdo myself as a supporter of these renewable, climate-friendly and domestic energy sources.

Biofuels have gained a lot of attention especially in the last decade and are already established in numerous fuel markets in Europe. Most often the liquid representatives of the bioenergy as an admixture in the form of E5, B7 etc.

But when it comes to bio fuel, please do not think primarily of the poor launch of E10 last year. In the past few years, the highly praised liquid bioenergy carriers have lost some of their shine and bioethanol & Co. are sometimes viewed very critically. I think it's a sad and largely unjustified development.

The following article overview gives you a small idea about the current situation of biofuels.

What are biofuels?

Benefits of biofuels

Biofuels VW bus by the sea
Refueling biofuels protects the climate and saves money.

Development of the biofuels industry

Introduction of the E10 biofuel mixture in Germany

Criticism and disadvantages of biofuels

I am a bioenergy enthusiast and would be very happy if we made greater use of the great potential of these renewable, storable and climate-friendly energy sources for Germany and the development of an improved energy supply worldwide.

However, I am aware of the existing conflicts around biofuels and we have to take the criticism of unsustainably produced biofuels very seriously. In particular, the heated debates surrounding biodiesel from Malaysia or Indonesia made from palm oil have led to a loss of social acceptance for bio-fuel. Although the industry has since imposed very tough sustainability criteria and is even legally required to comply with them in Europe, many users still have a negative aftertaste. I hope that the industry's commitment and commitment to environmental protection will be rewarded with growing consumer acceptance.

I would be delighted if you deal with biofuels with an open but critical eye and resist the temptation to make a hasty generalization about their opportunities and risks. Renewable fuels are an integral part of the renewable energy family. Like any other energy source, biofuels are not perfect and are in a relatively young development phase. The also provides information about developments in the industry in Germany Association of the German biofuel industry (VDB).

Then I hope you enjoy the articles from the exciting world of biofuels.

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  1. I am glad to hear that. Thank you so much! Hope the overview and the related articles support your own opinion on biofuels and show a more colorful (and not just dark picture) of these energy sources of our near future.

    Incidentally, is a well-made image film on the side of the energy premium. I have never visited a website where I was greeted with twittering birds. You're looking forward to spring :-)

    A funny coincidence with the golden compass in the film: I recently also used a "golden compass" to describe the difficult situation of the current energy debate in one article to illustrate graphically.

    Greetings to Bremen

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