Podcast with Suncoal Industries on biochar and the HTC of biomass

Photo biochar suncoalWhat are the advances in hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) of biomass and the production of biochar? Some see biochar as THE great hope for (solid) bioenergy, others mock it as "miracle coal". Hardly anyone in Germany knows that Procedure of HTC in connection with biomass and the production of biochar as well as the team from the Suncoal Industries GmbH. I am therefore pleased to be able to present you with this first BiomassMuse podcast an update on the current status and the potential of biochar. The current bioenergy debate is increasingly focusing on the use of organic residues and the HTC is one of the most promising approaches.

Many thanks to Dr. Tobias Wittmann, Managing Director of Suncoal Industries GmbH, for the presentation of the company and the insight into the process (CarboREN) of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) and the solid energy source biochar. Special thanks to Amy Frantz from Suncoal Industries, who helped organize the podcast.

Interview presents the energy source biochar and the process of HTC

In the following, the pioneer podcast on BiomassMuse with an organizationally somewhat overwhelmed energy blogger. The quality of the podcast is definitely expandable, both in terms of image quality and in the conduct of the interviews. I promise the upcoming podcasts are getting better :-) Feedback on the podcast or that Biochar as an energy source are therefore very welcome.

Enjoy the podcast!

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  1. Thanks Andreas, I recorded the hangout with Suncoal Industries GmbH as we discussed it with the energy bloggers. Suncool already had a Google Plus account, so it was relatively easy to do. Autumn greetings, Ron

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