Biogas plants improve quality of life (short film)

In industrialized countries or at least in urban areas, the end consumer does not actually experience any major differences between bioenergy or other options for electricity or heat supply - all variants lead directly into their own home via cable systems.

I think the video shows in an inspiring way how in less developed regions of the world (in the case of a village in Yunnan, China) the potential of bioenergy can be perceived much more. The use of biogas technology does not primarily give the local residents a good feeling of sustainability, but intervenes much more concretely in people's lives. A biogas plant there is an inexpensive luxury item that significantly improves the quality of life. This is a circular economy and decentralized energy supply par excellence. Of course, this concept is difficult to apply to larger scales, but it shows impressively what biogas technology also means. Biogas technology not only ensures ecological development, but also in many regions of the world directly for economic and social.

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