Photo: biogas plant produces biogas

Here you will find an overview of articles that have appeared on BiomassMuse on the topic of biogas. The articles are sorted by their date of publication and linked accordingly.

Biogas 2013

The industry is still looking for a way out of the slump in plant construction, which can be seen as a result of the 2012 EEG amendment. A promising option is the direct marketing of gaseous bioenergy. The following developments provide an insight into the status quo of the industry.

Biogas 2012

The industry continues to struggle with the effects of the amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act, which came into force at the beginning of the year. Potentials have arisen from the new law, especially for small systems up to 75 kW and for biomethane systems. A small topography of the mountains and valleys that gaseous bioenergy passed through in 2012 can be found here.

Cattle slurry for biogas

Biogas 2011

Oh how nice it was! The industry is experiencing the third boom year in a row and can look forward to 1.000 new plants each. The plant manufacturers are grateful for this departure, but are concerned about the upcoming EEG amendment 2012 and the adjustment of the feed-in tariffs. The following articles provide an insight into the successful year.

Further articles on gaseous bioenergy can be found on the website of the Professional association and the Biogasrat +.

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