30 graphs and statistics on bioenergy at a glance

The Bioenergy debate remains very emotionally charged and in some of the biggest newspapers (see Bioenergy contributions at Spiegel Online) Unfortunately, the articles on Biosprit & Co often lack facts. Biogas & Biofuels use some cool heads and rationally understandable arguments. In the following animation you will therefore find 30 graphics on bioenergy at a glance. Use the statistics on the status quo of gaseous, liquid and solid bioenergy to further sharpen your image of the importance of these renewable energy sources.

A journey through the world of bioenergy in graphics

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The data sets and graphics come from federal ministries, agencies, associations and companies and have been released for use free of charge. Thanks a lot for this! If you know other interesting bioenergy graphics that are provided free of charge, I would be happy to receive a short email and include the graphics later.

Graphics bioenergy

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  1. Thank you so much for hearing me. I love statistics :-) It also means "never believe in statistics that you did not make yourself", but if you accept this basic criticism of data sets, numbers and diagrams offer a great basis for a fact-oriented discussion.

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