10 best-selling manufacturers of biogas CHP in Germany

Due to the increased requirements of the EEG 2012 for the heat use of a biogas plant, technology is becoming increasingly important. In my opinion, this is the combined heat and power plant or biogas CHP unit of a biogas plant. That is why this article presents the most successful manufacturers of biogas CHP units in 2010, which also contributed to another year of growth for the German CHP unit market.

New biogas CHP for repowering your biogas plant?

For many reasons, using a combined heat and power plant to turn the biogas into electricity is the most sensible decision for a plant operator. Combined heat and power plants are a power-heating / cooling technology. Biogas CHP enable the biogas to be converted into electricity and heat in parallel, so that the valuable energy source can be used very efficiently.

But if you've read the article up to this point, you're probably not one of those people for whom I still have to give a passionate hymn of praise for the use of combined heat and power plants. Before I present you the top 10 most successful biogas CHP manufacturers, I would like to briefly point out an important development that is increasingly coming into the focus of the biogas industry.

This is about the keyword “repowering biogas plants”. Replacing an older biogas CHP plant with a new one, with improved efficiency, is one of the most important considerations for improving the Efficiency of a biogas plant The subsidy rates for fed bioenergy are secured in Germany for 20 years thanks to the EEG. As is well known, this is great investment protection! On the other hand, this results in comparatively little scope to increase the income of the biogas plant.

A remaining set screw of the plant operator to increase the income is therefore the investment in a new biogas CHP. The mechanical engineers are making great strides in increasing the efficiency of biogas CHP units that are driven by heat or electricity. Considerations for the repowering of the previous CHP plant are certainly a very sensible time after 10 years at the latest.

Another way to increase the impact on the proceeds of the bioenergy produced is Change of a biogas plant to direct marketing. We will certainly see the greater acceptance of this possibility within the biogas industry in the next few years.

The 10 most successful manufacturers in the field of biogas CHP

Are you wondering which manufacturers of biogas CHP plants are popular with other plant operators in Germany?

Then you will certainly be pleased with the results of the annual CHP survey with the majority of manufacturers. In retrospect, exactly 2010 manufacturers took part in the survey in 30. The survey was organized and carried out by the following three institutions:

The original survey also takes fossil-fueled CHP units into account, but they do not appear in the following list, since the focus of the article is on biogenous CHP units. If you would like to find out more about the further results of the CHP survey, please contact one of the organizers.

I've had several in a previous article Manufacturers of biogas CHP compared. In the following, I am pleased to present the results of the current survey of the 10 most successful biogas CHP manufacturers or providers in 2010. The table is arranged according to newly installed performance and not according to the number of modules sold.

Manufacturer of biogas CHP plants based on installed capacity
Almost all biogas CHP manufacturers were able to significantly increase their sales!

For more information on the individual biogas CHP plants, you will find the links to the websites of the top 10 manufacturers in Germany in the following list. Each of these suppliers of biogas CHP is certainly a good contact if you are thinking about purchasing a new CHP or repowering your existing CHP.

  1. Biogas CHP from MWM
  2. Schnell's biogas CHP plant
  3. Biogas CHP from 2G Energietechnik
  4. Biogas CHP from Seva Energie
  5. Biogas CHP from MTU Onsite Energy
  6. Biogas CHP from ETW Energietechnik
  7. Biogas CHP from Pro2
  8. Biogas CHP from Senergie
  9. Biogas CHP from Haase
  10. Biogas CHP from SES

Forecast for 2011 promises good development for the biogas CHP market

The installed electrical output of all biogas plants in Germany (end of 2011) will result in a forecast of around 2.700 MW, according to the biogas association.

The increase of 475 MW in biogas CHP plants in 2010, solely by the top 10 manufacturers, is likely to be topped again in 2011. This assumption is obvious when you consider that the planners and builders of biogas plants were confronted with a real rush of demand this year or even surprised. There are still reasons for this in the desire to quickly implement a biogas plant Entry into force of the amended EEG 2012.

The way food is Amendment to the KWG law cast their shadows ahead and was passed by the Bundestag in May 2012 (Addendum BiomassMuse, May 2012).

Strengthening biogas CHP plants through a support program for mini CHP plants

By contrast, sales of mini-CHP units fell sharply in 2010. Sadly I have to say. A major reason is the deletion of the Funding program for cogeneration plants up to 50 kW. The Federal Government had considered this step necessary because of the difficult economic situation (at that time still the banking crisis).

Considered under the changed framework conditions of the EEG 2012, this funding stop is particularly unfortunate because the CHP impulse program together with the new funding of Mini biogas plants up to 75 kW formed a strong team. Investments in both technologies (mini-CHP and mini-biogas plants) could increase significantly through the use of both market incentive programs and turn the sales of energy-efficient mini-CHPs in the biogas sector into a real success story. The impact of Slurry waste debate I deliberately exclude at this point.

However, I still expect a large increase in mini-CHP units in the biogas sector in 2012 and 2013. However, the development will be less dynamic than with a parallel MAP for mini-CHP units. The promotion of cogeneration and the resumption of the MAP are currently being discussed again to the delight of many CHP supporters.

Do you have experience with one of the listed biogas CHP manufacturers or can you even make a recommendation? Write a comment. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Gas doctor claus

    I know the largest gas engine manufacturers, and MWM is not only the largest among the big players, but also the absolute winner in terms of quality ...! My subjective opinion ..., from my own experience, and also from the feedback from customers, you can derive it!

  2. We, some investors for a wood CHP unit up to 5 MW are still looking for people who want to participate.
    So far we have provided 4 lines of 550KW from an Austrian manufacturer, but not yet binding.
    We still lack the initial financing for the new company.
    I organize the planning of the infrastructure: WIlhelm.Kemmer@T-Online.de
    As far as the procedure, company award, etc., everything is still open.

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