Leipzig is converting natural gas filling stations to bio natural gas from straw

VerbiogasBiofuels that are not yet established on the market can find their way into tanks the fastest if manufacturers, dealers and service station operators work well together and enter into close partnerships. For an innovative pilot project on the use of Biomethane as a fuel Stadtwerke Leipzig and one of the leading biofuel manufacturers in Germany, Verbio AG, have come together.

Biomethane, which can be used as a gaseous biofuel, is becoming increasingly important and even has some advantages over classic liquid biofuels. The space efficiency of biomethane is significantly higher (about 3 times as high) than with Biodiesel, bioethanol and vegetable oil. And when it comes to reducing CO2, and thus contributing to climate protection, gaseous biofuels can still outperform their liquid colleagues.

The German Energy Agency (DENA) also supports the increased use of biomethane with several projects and is committed to overcoming existing market barriers. That was in an article Biogas services from Dena and already presented the individual projects.

Stadtwerke Leipzig opt for green mobility with Verbio

The following text is a joint press release from the Leipzig municipal works and the Verbio Ltd from the 31.07.2012.

From August, VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG will also be using the natural gas filling stations of Stadtwerke Leipzig verbgas supply. A contract with the municipal utilities provides that at their four stations in the urban area the biofuel verbgas is offered. Natural gas drivers will in future receive environmentally friendly biomethane in natural gas quality from VERBIO at six petrol stations in Leipzig. Leipzig is the first major city in Germany to switch all natural gas filling stations to biogas.

Claus Sauter, CEO of VERBIO AG, comments: “We already supply more than 60 natural gas filling stations across Germany verbgas. More and more German petrol stations and public vehicle fleets are switching completely to our biomethane. That VERBIO, as a company with strong regional roots, now also supplies most natural gas filling stations in Leipzig is a particularly important sign for us. "

Thomas Prauße, CEO of Stadtwerke Leipzig, adds: “Stadtwerke Leipzig are aware of their responsibility towards people, the region and the environment. That is why we rely on sustainable solutions. We want to improve the quality of life for people in this city, and reducing CO2 emissions plays an important role here. The fact that we also have a regional company as a partner in VERBIO is twice the good news. ”

Verbio AG Zörbig biogas plant
Biogas made from straw as bio-fuel and converted into biomethane.

verbgas is made exclusively from agricultural residues such as B. straw. It is therefore not in competition with food production and does not displace agricultural areas. As a result, there is no discussion about plates or tanks. verbgas has the same chemical structure and quality as natural gas and can therefore be safely filled with any amount of any natural gas vehicle. The ecologically better biofuel is therefore offered at petrol stations at the same price as natural gas at no additional cost. Saving compared to conventional fuels verbgas up to 90 percent CO2 emissions compared to petrol or diesel. This makes an effective contribution to climate protection.

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