10 ideas for a more intense flirtation with bioenergy

“What can bioenergy do for me?” - an interesting question with even more interesting answers. But this question should not be the focus of the article or this series of articles for once. Rather, I would like to pursue a question that is at least as important to the success of the bioenergy community in the long term. What can I do for bioenergy? I would like to encourage you to flirt even more with renewable bioenergy when making decisions about your personal energy supply or the energy supply of your company or your agriculture.

Challenge the internationally sought after beauty of bioenergy to a passionate dance of energy. Above all, demand ensures the long-term success of bioenergy, so here are 10 suggestions for dancing with bioenergy and strengthening the bioenergy industry.

Bioenergy - exotic and well-known at the same time

Apart from lignite and hard coal, fossil fuels in Germany are rather exotic and have to be imported from other continents. I don't want to complain about fossil energy imports, because at least they made the comfortable lifestyle that many of us enjoy today possible.

The energy turnaround towards renewable, decentralized energies is also a return to the energy that we find right on our doorstep. Bio, solar and wind energy can be found to a greater or lesser extent on every square meter of our planet.

Since we in Europe and especially in Germany can now choose our energy products from a shelf colorfully stocked with fossil and renewable energy sources, I would like to give you a few options on how you can contribute directly to the promotion of gaseous, liquid and solid bioenergy in Germany. As a bioenergy enthusiast, I see this as my occasional duty and I hope you will see this one-sided application of ONE of the many forms of energy. Renewable energies are a team (!), But I speak for bioenergy.

Benefits of bioenergy are hopefully largely known and should not be listed again here.

Demand for bioenergy products is the key to success

What is important for the long-term success of bioenergy?

From an economic perspective, this question is relatively easy to answer. We need an ever increasing demand for biomethane, biofuels, wood pellets and other bioenergy sources! In addition to social acceptance, demand is the most important long-term success parameter.

Only if bioenergy products continue to be of interest to energy customers will investments be made in improved production options.
Interested investors will only invest in new production facilities and technologies if there is a demand for the corresponding bioenergy product. A good example is the future of biofuels. A high demand for 1st generation biofuels is an important prerequisite for improved second and third generation biofuels to be developed to market maturity.
If you would like to actively support the expansion of bioenergy and are looking for pragmatic options, you will find 10 suggestions below.

You don't have to quit your job right away to join a pro-bioenergy campaign and place banners in front of the headquarters of local energy providers. If someone has the time and clever and humorous ideas for this, it is of course great. But you don't have to change your life so drastically to support renewable bioenergy. How do you say so beautifully "constant drip hollows the stone".

10 ideas for strengthening bioenergy

Here is an overview of the 10 points that increase the supply and demand of bioenergy and contribute directly to the growth of this decentralized and renewable form of energy.

  1. Heat them with wood chips or wood pellets
  2. Change your gas tariff and increase the proportion of green gas
  3. Convert your car to bio-clean fuels such as E85 or B100
  4. Calculate whether the construction of a mini biogas plant is worthwhile and use the proximity to your community
  5. Become a member of an association and thus become a bioenergy ambassador
  6. Dedicate your thesis to the research and analysis of bioenergy
  7. As the operator of the biogas plant, check whether biomethane feed-in is possible
  8. Make your own biodiesel
  9. Read exciting books on energy and biomass
  10. Show that bioenergy is fun and connects people

Do you have any other ideas to strengthen the bioenergy industry? I am looking forward to your suggestions.

Each of the suggestions listed here will be presented with its own article in the coming days. So they will soon be honoring the bioenergy blog again.

Thank you!

7 comments on “10 ideas for a more intense flirtation with bioenergy”

  1. Bioenergy is rather unsexy in public because many people, even those who are not concerned with energy or environmental issues, believe that using bioenergy means that other people have to starve. This prevailing opinion must first be eliminated so that bioenergy can become as sexy as a PV system on the roof of your own home.

  2. Sex appeal of bioenergy could certainly be bigger :-) But in my eyes bioenergy shouldn't even strive to achieve the cleantech image of colleagues PV or wind. Bioenergy is storable, multicultural, innovative, flexible, loved and hated at the same time and very down to earth. This spectrum of properties gives it its own fascinating charm.

    When it comes to starving people through bioenergy, in other words the tank or plate debate, I always have to restrain myself a lot. This is a topic that really annoys me and I can no longer hear the frequently occurring one-sided comments on it. I could get one here regularly Anger speech à la Rudi Völler start.

    Nobody wants starving people, I think everyone agrees, but concentrating exclusively on the negative potential of an energy form is incredibly useless and in my opinion even the opposite of responsible. Bioenergy can also enable farmers or farmers in many developing countries to have their own energy supply for the first time. A decentralized example is a creative and perhaps somewhat weird one in European eyes Biogas backpack from the University of Hohenheim. The somewhat larger energy supply through bioenergy can form an important basis for the development of a region (schools, hospitals, etc.).

    Regardless of the perspective you have on bioenergy, the arguments can often turn the way you want it (food prices etc.). The same applies to the current debate Biofuels and ILUC. To be honest, I no longer feel like one-sided campaigns against bioenergy! Let us rather use our intellectual energy to make the best possible use of the positive potential of this renewable form of energy and to keep the risks (which all forms of energy have!) As low as possible.

    Please don't get it wrong (!), It is not directed against your critical, but solution-oriented comment, but my blood pressure rises suddenly on this topic. I know that bioenergy has to struggle with this image from time to time, but I have dealt comparatively intensively with the tank-or-plate conflict (you could also say “posed”) and found no unambiguous figures that would support the one-sided representation of Bioenergy as a scapegoat for the dire problem of hunger in the world even remotely justifies. To show pictures of starving people and then to claim the bioenergy is to blame, I think is wrong. The problem is much more complex and we should not simply waste opportunities that are so simple.

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