The gaseous bioenergy and the operation of a biogas plant contribute to the establishment of a decentralized energy industry. Around 72% of all investments made in biogas technology in Germany go back to farmers. This was the result of a study by the Klaus Novy Institute, commissioned by the German Farmers' Association (DBV) and published in October 2011.

Biogasanlagen beim Betrieb

Optimization of biogas plant operations for long-term success

The operation of a biogas plant is comparatively complicated and requires constant support and maintenance by an experienced plant operator, or more and more the cooperation of a well-coordinated team of farmers, technicians, lawyers and business economists. The more the biogas industry establishes itself in the energy market, the more important a balanced team becomes for the operation of a plant to ensure long-term success.

While the smaller systems up to 75 kW can largely be operated by a single farmer after completion and commissioning, the larger systems need all-round support in order to fully exploit their economic potential during operation and to be in the black.

Successful operation of a biogas plant is increasingly becoming teamwork

In the following you will also find a constantly updated list of articles on current developments in the biogas industry. These hopefully contain useful suggestions that you can use to adapt the operation of your biogas plant.

Which aspects will be of particular importance in the future when operating a biogas plant in order to get the best out of your own plant and to be prepared for technological and legal developments?

Here you will also find a comprehensive collection of articles on Biomethane, hopeful.

Timely adjustments to legal changes for the optimal operation of a biogas plant

The following articles deal with the possibilities of adapting the operation of a biogas plant to legal changes and requirements.

New opportunities for the production and use of biogas

Operation of a mini biogas plant according to EEG 2012

Development of the biogas industry in Germany

Aktuelle Übersicht 2012 Anzahl und Leistung von Biogasanlagen in Deutschland

2008 & #8211; 2011 were record years in terms of the increase in the number of biogas plants in Germany

Operation of 7000 + x biogas plants in Germany

Despite all the criticism, the number of biogas plants in Germany has grown faster than ever before in the past 3 years. Perhaps the outcry in the population is an understandable reaction that had to follow this success. As can be seen in the graphic of the Biogas Association, the growth in biogas plants during this period was at least 1,000 new plants per year.

Such a success also has its price and the expansion of further plants should be carefully planned and politically controlled to ensure long-term acceptance for bioenergy in Germany. The EEG 2012 addresses the current conflicts and counteracts the "maize" of agriculture and is committed to an even more sustainable and diverse biogas landscape. Also the Actors in the energy crop community become increasingly aware of their common function.