Acceptance problems of biogas plants - film offers insight into the causes

"Biogas has caused the greatest agricultural revolution since the invention of the tractor." The euphoria in this country has led to the rapid expansion of biogas plants ("concrete cows") and has transformed Germany into the world market leader for biogas technologies. With all the advantages and opportunities, as is well known, there are increasingly conflicts in the communities that affect the large biogas plants (perhaps also the decentralized ones) Mini biogas plants) accommodate. What conflicts are there and how are energy managers and residents dealing with this new situation? A holistic NDR film offers an exciting excursion to the hardened fronts between supporters and opponents of biogas technology in 45 minutes. Highly recommended for a better understanding of both sides. Many thanks to the NDR for this balanced reporting on a really difficult topic!

Here is the film "Dispute biogas“, Which shows that the energy transition and the development of agriculture have more conflicts in the practical implementation than they were recognizable in the legal planning.


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