18 important associations of biomass use in Germany

The connection of different specialists and perspectives of the biomass industry from science and economy with politics and consumers is an important and exciting task. Intersections are recognized, solutions for industry conflicts are found, and future trends are conceived and marketed. I would like to briefly introduce the most important associations in the industry today.

Associations and associations help to sharpen and represent the profile of an industry, to pool interests and forces and to offer a specific contact person for questions.

There are currently just a few in Germany 600.000 registered associations, whereby the club landscape is overall very lively. In order to gain an overview of the largest federal associations that are active in the field of biomass use, I have made a list of these and summarized them in a table with links and some key data. The associations come mainly from the areas biogas, Biofuels and Biomaterials.

 fuelsConditionCalorific value (kJ / kg)
Wood (fresh from the forest)fixed7.000
Wood (air dry)fixed16.000
Brown coalfixed20.000
(Bio) methanolliquid20.000
(Bio) ethanolliquid27.000
Natural gasgas43.000
Crude oilliquid44.000
(Bio) methanegas50.000
(Green) hydrogengas120.000

A classic one Umbrella organization For energetic and material use of biomass there is no such thing in Germany as yet, but one could be interesting for the future. In Austria they are one step further in this regard and there is one Austrian Biomass Associationwho deals with the interests of the energetic use of biomass.

Information on the ranking of the biomass associations

The last column in the table shows a value based on the number of search results that Google offers for a particular club. Since I could not always get information about the current number of members, but still wanted to give an idea of ​​the size of the associations, I opted for this form of Google rankings .

Google divides people's minds, but it does provide numbers that give an approximate value of the size of a website and the company behind it. The information has been taken to the best of my knowledge and belief and I have chosen the highest numerical value that I have received for an association in the biomass sector. I find the developments around the major search engines and the resulting opportunities quite exciting, but I am aware that the results and conclusions should also be viewed with a trace of distant curiosity.

If I shouldn't have listed an association that you think is definitely one of the big ones or that you have other ideas about how to support the biomass industry, please write a comment. Thank you!

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  1. Dear Mr. Kirchner,

    I am currently interested in renewable energies, specifically biomass, for school purposes. I came across your article, but nowhere can I find the table with the important associations mentioned - could you send me the link? Many Thanks.

    Sincerely yours,

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