BiomassMuse writes about the structure of the bioeconomy.
Why? To support the reconciliation of nature and its wildest creation - the homo sapiens.
How? Thanks to the elegant use of bioenergy and biomass.

Ideas between bioenergy and biomass

Studie CO2-Preis CO2-Steuer Industrie

CO2 price for industry supports bioeconomy

BiomassMuse was involved in a study on the effects of a CO2 tax on the energy-intensive industry in Germany. Since the CO2 price plays an important role in successfully completing the energy and raw materials transition, the topic is presented in this article.

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Eine kurze Geschichte der Bioenergie Bioökonomie

A brief history of bioenergy

BiomassMuse is back after a long creative break. The energy and raw materials turnaround is too important not to support them. A "Little History of Bioenergy" to come back in.

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Eisberg als Informations-Insel

The curse of the euphoric bioenergy debate

Political debates we experience for the most part on the news, which offers us the colorful media jungle. Also market and branch developments, as well as scientific discoveries to the bioenergy become us from the varied

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